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211 One Last Thing

In response to the cries of the people, Mayor Nick did something huge for Valentine.

The battle in the Vidal Manor was short and fast.

The mayor suppressed the rebels with lightning speed and made a difficult choice with fearlessness.

In the face of loyalty and pity, he chose the latter and betrayed the Tedrell family.

At that time, the people who were petitioning outside only saw a glimpse.

The Cathayan, Hong San, who had just gone crazy outside, was tied up and sent out.

The bandits were all restrained.

Princess Tinas husband, Kang De, was persuaded by the mayor in a righteous manner and was willing to tie himself up and leave the city to resolve this calamity.

The people who gathered only saw messy figures and saw Prince Kang De leave with the mayor expressionlessly, but that was all.

They did not dare to ask about the rest.

Or rather, they did not want to ask anymore.

They were only cheering loudly.

They trusted what they were willing to believe in.

They were grateful and praised endlessly.

All the praise was dedicated to Mayor Nick.

They chose to forget someone.

It was as if the person who had tied himself up and was willing to die for the citizens of the city was the mayor.

Therefore, under the persuasion and drive of the patrol team, they returned home in satisfaction.

With happy smiles, they prepared to sleep well, as if they had won a huge battle.

However, what greeted them was either a mysterious person sitting at home waiting, a swift saber light, or strict surveillance and house arrest.

They could not tell the neighbors this good news, and the people hiding at home had no way to know if this bold plan had succeeded.

boxn ovel.


After all, it was night, not to mention now.

The flow of information had been completely cut off, and a certain person still maintained his control over this city… Moreover, he had chosen these people tonight.

“Thats not difficult, right, Mr.


The shackles and ropes on Hong Sans body had already been removed.

He moved his hands and sneered.

The night wind was silent.

Nick stood alone in the cold with only Hong San accompanying him.

The mayor said coldly, “Do you still have to be so careful”

Hong San revealed a mocking smile, “In this city that was bitterly defended by the soldiers, the lowly people were used by you as cannon fodder to attract the firepower of the elves.

They died first, and the brave risked their lives for their homeland and died later.

The hero who turned the tide was almost harmed by the enemys evil schemes and the shamelessness of the lowly commoners.


Mayor, how many people are left in this city that has experienced blood and fire How can I be careless among the animals in the city”

Anger flashed through Nicks eyes as he shouted in a low voice, “Watch your words.”

Hong San sneered, “Im also a beast.

I scolded myself and I scolded my kind.

What do you think”

Nick took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

He closed his eyes and was silent for a moment before opening them.

At this point, he had restrained his madness.

It was as if he understood that the situation was out of his control and he wanted to preserve his last bit of dignity as a noble.

He looked at Hong San and said indifferently, “Mr.

Hong, why do you have to say such a thing Since youve already decided to follow His Highness Kang De, you must have a bright future ahead.”


Mayor is right.

Then let me teach you a phrase,All the best.”

Hong San reached out and patted Mayor Nicks shoulder.

He leaned his head closer and stared into the other partys eyes.

In the past, this was something he did not dare to do no matter what.

Now, it seemed that it was nothing.

This was because it was indeed as Kang De had said…

These important figures who usually looked unreachable were actually not impressive.

Everyone was flawed to begin with.

Since none was perfect, what was the difference between them

He revealed a sharp smile, “At least youre sensible tonight.

According to my temperament, I have to cause a scene.

I have to spread rumors and shake peoples hearts.

I have to make Valentine collapse without fighting, make the lunatics go berserk, and let those rotten people taste the bitter results.

I guarantee that I can ruin this city before the elves arrive… The reason why I didnt do this is that I didnt want to dirty His Highness Kang Des eyes.”

“If youre obedient, everything will be fine.

You can try your best to fight for your life and protect your wealth.

Well also try our best to prove your innocence to prevent tainting your familys honor.

However, you have to remember that if you dont die today, you might not die tomorrow.

Your family will not end up in disdain.

You didnt earn all this yourself.

His Highness rewarded you.

If he can reward you, he can take it back.”

“Therefore, if you want to play any tricks, think of my words first.”

Nick was expressionless, his eyes as cold as ice.

“Can we leave now”

Hong San smiled and said, “Where to”

Nick said coldly, “Ill bring you out through the tunnel.

Why Do you want me to bring my son as a hostage”

Hong San still smiled, “Is it useful to bring your son Ive long experienced Mr.

Mayors ruthlessness.

If you sacrifice yourself and your son and collude with the elves, lay down a large army at the other end of the passageway and capture us in one fell swoop in exchange for the wealth of the Valentine family… Its possible.”

Nick took a deep breath.

“Then what do you want”

Hong San blinked.

“Remember to get the mages to cooperate.

The next step will depend on the mayors methods.”

Nicks expression changed, and then he heard the sound of metal colliding in the calm night.

In the distant darkness, the Hummer suddenly changed shape.

It did not transform into a human but became something between the two.

The four-legged monster firmly held the ground, and the launch nest behind it unfolded.

Flames surged and thick smoke filled the air.

The green-skinned made their move.

Rockets screamed and swept through the dark sky, flying in the direction of the elf camp.

For a moment, strange sounds filled the sky.

Nicks expression suddenly changed as he shouted, “You actually…”

Hong San smiled and bowed, “Theres no need to trouble the mayor to bring us into the cave.

His Highness is young and ignorant.

Hes afraid to see that black and huge hole.”

The Hummer accelerated and sped over from the street.

Hong San reached out and pushed him.

Nick fell to the side.

The headlights blinded him.

The mayor narrowed his eyes and saw Kang De sitting on the roof.

Hong San stretched out his hand.

When the car passed by people, Hong San was steadily pulled up.

The Hummer sped all the way and instantly arrived near the city wall.

It was unknown how lethal the output of the green-skinned rocket was, but it was indeed qualified as a provocation.

The countermeasure attack of the elves surged over, and Valentines mage team immediately fought.

The sky spell exploded and exploded.

Amidst the rolling bang and light that filled the sky, the Hummer changed shape again under the city.

The Autobot held up a large shield, and its back was deformed.

The mechanical giant held up a long slope as the heroes rode the chariot and roared over.

In the past two days, his iron son had made a brand new engine under Kang Des instructions.

The green-skinned people had used the raw materials provided by Valentine to think of a stronger version of the motorcycle.

According to them, this time, it was even cooler than the last time.

This was because, under the gaze of the Great Tyrant, the mechanical soul was even happier.

Every chariot was still filled with personality.

Apart from the messy decorations, there were one or two people tied to the wide seats.

They were all members of the Vidal Chamber of Commerce.

They were wrapped tightly in quilts, soft armor, and a down pillow.

Locomotives followed the artificial slope supported by the Autobot and rushed up the city wall at an extremely fast speed.

They flew out as fast as lightning, one after another.

The wild roars of the green-skinned and the roar of the engine were covered by the vibration of the spell collision that filled the sky.

Apart from the shocked city wall guards, no one knew that a group of strange creatures had already rushed out.

When the last locomotive left, the Autobot retracted the slope and suddenly jumped.

Kang De carried Leona and grabbed the windshield panel on his iron sons chest with Hong San on both sides, jumping up the wall with the Autobot.

He was in midair, looking at the lonely figure on the street.

Nick watched them.

It was far away and the night was very dark.

He could not see his eyes, or even his appearance, or his face.

For a moment, he did not know what to feel.

The Autobot had already jumped to the highest point and flown out of the city.

With his last glance, Kang De saw Nicks figure seem to move, but he did not know what the other party planned to do.

The Autobot landed and transformed into a Hummer.

Amidst the dazzling transformation, Kang De and Hong San were already sitting steadily in their seats, and Leona was sitting on Kang Des body, sleeping soundly.

Leona was about to struggle when with a crack, the seatbelt automatically fastened and locked.

His iron son said as if nothing had happened, “Father, all the members have landed safely.

All the locomotives are running well.

Were retreating northwest and are paying close attention to the movements of Valentine and the Elven enemy.”

Kang De said in a low voice, “Be careful.

Its far from safe.”


Leona only twisted a few times and stopped struggling.

Hong San remained silent.

After a while, Kang De said softly, “Valentine is done for.”

After all, it was only a city without a powerful garrison.

After holding on for a long time, their morale had already collapsed.

Under the attack of the elves propaganda, the undercurrent was even more surging and danger was everywhere.

Now that Kang De and the others had broken out and left, it was even the last straw that broke the camels back.

The outcome was almost decided.

This city might welcome the end.

He did not know if the elves would fulfill their promise and how many people would die after breaking through the city.

Kang De exhaled.

He had originally wanted to try his best to protect this city.

However, the elf had used that vicious plan and Valentine had fallen for it righteously.

Nicks attitude and words completely disappointed him, and he had also made up his mind to leave the city.

However, this did not mean that he would be happy with Valentines outcome tomorrow… He should have been happy.

At this moment, Hong San said, “That group of rotten people is really so rotten that I feel bored and disgusted when I think of their death and outcome.”

He was always like this.

He was still understanding and knew how to speak.

Even now, the wavering and uneasiness in his heart were not inferior to Kang Des.

Leona had been silent.

Now, she turned around slightly and said softly, “This is not your fault.

Youve already done your best.

Ever since the elves attacked Goethe, this has happened many times.

This is all their fault.”

Kang De was about to speak when he heard the Autobot say in a low voice, “Fight the enemy!”

Even if they used the commotion of the spell battle to break out of the siege in the night, how could the elves not be on guard after besieging the city for so long This team that roared and advanced was ultimately noticed by the scout cavalry.

In the main tent of the elves, the messenger strode in.

Commander Therlandron subconsciously covered the letter in front of him with his hand.

The ink had yet to dry, and his face and lips were still a little pale.


The messenger quickly reported the enemys situation.

Therlandrons eyes narrowed as he asked, “You saw the strange green-skinned mounts and the alchemical chariot Did you see Kang De”

“There are mounts and a chariot.

As for that Cathayan…” The messenger lowered his head and said, “I didnt see him.

After all, the enemy is advancing extremely quickly, and the carriage is sealed.”

Therlandron thought for a moment, “The Forest Rangers and the Scouts are pursuing.

Pass down my military order…”

The messenger bowed and listened.

Arrows shot angrily, and the light of a spell flashed.

The pursuers behind chased relentlessly.

A weapons station rose from the top of the Hummer.

As it advanced, it shot and swept around.

Explosions and flames were everywhere.

The car was still calm and comfortable.

The three of them had their own thoughts.

Too many things had happened tonight.

After a while, Kang De stretched.

“With my departure, Valentine is finished.

The elves will definitely make a ruckus and definitely not let go of the chance to defame me.”

Hong San said, “Weve already filmed enough evidence.

It is enough to make any doubter shut their mouth.

Valentine betrayed you.

Those rotten people are not worth saving.”

Kang De said faintly, “I actually dont care about this anymore.”

Leona, who was sitting on Kang De, suddenly trembled.

Kang De could not see the change in her expression in this posture.

However, the atmosphere in the car immediately became a little depressed.

Seeing this, Hong San suddenly smiled and said, “On the other hand, Mayor Nick, you gave him a machine and took a video of him promising to prove his innocence.

If he surrenders to the elves this time and pretends to be polite and even cooperates with the elves to speak ill of you, in the future, when we counterattack, hell take out this video as proof—Master, do you still plan to let him live”

“Of course.” Kang De turned around and said seriously, “If he has a charger.”

Hong San laughed loudly.

The atmosphere became a little livelier before he began to talk seriously, “Then, where should we go next Go all the way north and directly see Her Highness Tina”

Kang Des eyes darkened.

For some reason, after this happened… he did not want to see Tina anymore.

Immediately after, his heart stirred and he painstakingly took out a few wrinkled letters from his pocket.

This was given to him by Nick during the second last meeting.

At that time, Nick swore that if he could not defend it, he would send Kang De away.

He only asked Kang De to find the Sword Orchid Army and send information about the fall of the city.

The route of the Sword Orchid Army was in this letter.

Tonight, Nick had revealed such a face…

Kang De sighed silently and said, “After all, hes her brother… Lets go find the Sword Orchid Army.”

He would take a look at her second brother, one of the heirs of this country.

If he was not a b*stard, Kang De could not watch him walk into a trap.

Yes, just for this.

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