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Yun Pianpian returned home, turned around and threw the package of medicine into the trash can, she couldn't help but doubt.

"Zhou Langzhong can't even cure his own nephew, is he a quack"

If Chen Bashan heard Yun Pianpian's words now, he would definitely be so angry that he'd vomit blood

Chen Bashan would never have imagined that his carefully prepared conspiracy was easily escaped by Yun Pianpian.

Xiao Changyuan frowned slightly when he saw Yun Pianpian standing by the door talking to herself.

"Wife, what are you doing"

Yun Pianpian walked over, told Xiao Changyuan about seeing the sick and weak boy at Zhou Langzhong's house and expressed his inference:

"I heard that there are many quack doctors in Jianghu,

They give the patients some herbs that are not poisonous.

Those herbs can neither kill people nor cure diseases.

If they are cured, lucky.

If they are not, they will be doomed..."

Having said this, Yun Pianpian wrinkled her nose:

"I think Zhou Langzhong can't even cure his nephew all these years.

I think his medical skill must be bad.

You should not take his prescribed medicine.

In case Zhou Langzhong is really a quack.."

If Zhou Langzhong will hear this, he would definitely died of anger on the spot.

In Yun Pianpian's eyes, he was not a dignified imperial docror but a liar and a quack.

Xiao Chang Yuan glanced at Yun Pian Pian somewhat unexpectedly, he didn't expect that she had the heart to guard against others.

"It doesn't seem too stupid..."

Yun Pianpian looked at Xiao Changyuan dissatisfiedly:

"Who are you calling stupid..."

Xiao Changyuan changed the subject: "What are you going to do with the medicine"

Yun Pianpian said,

"I already threw it away.


Xiao Changyuan nodded lightly when he heard her words.

Yun Pian Pian suddenly frowned and said, "You've been drinking the medicine for several days but you don't know if its harmful to your body"

Xiao Changyuan had already poured those medicine away

From the first day they arrived to Jiangjia Village, he found that something was wrong with Zhou Langzhong.

Every time Yun Pianpian boiled the medicated soup and brought it over, he would excuse her and pour the medicine into the grass behind the house.


He didn't tell Yun Pian Pian of his suspicions about Zhou Langzhong.

Because it was not necessary.

His wife was not only mentally ill, but also very timid.

Knowing that these things are of no benefit to her and will only cause her to worry for no reason, its better to keep her in the dark and let her be a carefree fool.

He'll cover for her anyway.

He is her husband and it is his duty to protect her.

Men should be more or less heroic

Xiao Changyuan was no exception.

Xiao Changyuan never doubted her

Because he felt that his wife was so stupid and weak, she would not dare to deceive him .

His wife was just a little out her mind, sick and an alarmist.

But still cute

Thinking of this, Xiao Changyuan's eyes lit a little, the corners of his lips carried joy that he, himself had not even noticed.

Yun Pian Pian didn't know what Xiao Changyuan was thinking, she only frowned and said: "we should not drag your injury any longer, there is no medicine hall in the town market, if we want to see a doctor, we have to go to the county, but we don't have a household registration or a guide.

, how can we go there..."

Xiao Changyuan didn't say anything,

He wantes to see what tricks his wife's could come up with.

Yun Pian Pian seemed to have thought of something, her eyes lit up.

    "Ah, yes!"

Xiao Changyuan frowned and had a bad premonition.

Yun Pian looked at Xiao Changyuan with bright eyes, she cheerfully said: "We can go to Brother Mu and A Yu for help.

A Yu is so smart, eloquent and knows a lot of people, he will definitely help us find a way."

Sure enough...


Xiao Changyuan lowered his handsome face, she was indeed thinking of her big brother Mu.

Yun Pian Pian ignored Xiao Changyuan's cold and handsome face and immediately went to Xie Yu's house.

She told Xie Yu about their lost household registration and guidepost.

The reason was to also deceive Xiao Changyuan telling that they met bandits along the way so they lost their documents

(T/N: not sure what a guidepost is)

Xiao Chang Yuan stood behind Yun Pian Pian, he stared coldly at the pair of annoying brothers, his whole body giving off cold air.

Xie Yu pretended not to see Xiao Changyuan's cold and handsome face and only looked at Yun Pianpian with a smile.

"Sister Pian Pian, means"

Yun Pian Pian looked at Xie Yu: "Because my husband and I eloped, we don't want to make up the original household registration, I am worried that my parents will find us  A Yu, you know alot of people, can you help me get a new household registration"

Xie Yu listened, raised his lips and smiled: "Sister Pian Pian, please rest assured,  it's a small matter, I'll handle it."

Yun Pianpian only waited for two days and Xie Yu sent the newly released registered residence and guidebook to Yun Pianpian

"This is the household registration issued by the government.

I have already checked the top and bottom.

I guarantee that it's not fake."

Yun Pianpian was overjoyed when she saw her name written on the household registration, along with Xiao Changyuan's pseudonym.

She finally has an ancient ID card and is no longer a black household!

Yun Pianpian lowered her head and turned over to check the household registration in her hand, she looked at Xie Yu happily.

"A'yu, how did you do this"

Xie Yu blinked towards Yun Pianpian: "It's true that with money you can do anything, it's not a difficult task."

Yun Pianpian heard the words and immediately opened her purse:

"How much did you spend, I'll give it to you..."

Xie Yu said with a smile: "The two household registrations cost a total of 12 taels of silver.

If it's someone else I will definitely say 12 taels of silver, but Sister Pian Pian is beautiful and kind hearted, just like my own sister.

I will only accept Sister Pian Pian's ten taels of silver."

If it was some other young gentlemen talking to her, Yun Pian Pian would definitely feel that he was slick.

But the person who said this was Xie Yu.

He always has the ability to say flattering words in such a natural and smooth way, like telling the truth, which is not annoying.

When Yun Pianpian heard this, she felt very close to him.


How can a woman dislike not to be praised by others

In the end, Yun Pian Pian still gave Xie Yu twelve taels of silver, who makes him cute and sweet...

Xiao Changyuan looked at Xie Yu's eyes, the cold temp he gives was so cold, it could drip blood.


After Yun Pianpian and Xiao Changyuan received the household registration, they went to the county seat.

This time they were prepared and Yun Pianpian painted Xiao Changyuan's handsome face into Bao Qingtian in advance using the ash from the bottom of the pot.

The county town was 50 miles away from Jiangjia Village.

It may take two or three hours if they walk, which will take them five or six hours back and forth.

Fortunately, after Xie Yu learned that they were going to enter the county, he took them on the way and let them arrived to the county town an hour earlier.

The county town is much more lively than the town market, the goods are also much richer.

Yun Pian Pian didn't go to the market first, but went straight to the medical hall to get Xiao ChangYuan get checked.

The doctor said that Xiao Changyuan's physique was good, so the injury on his body was not a serious problem.

The doctor prescribed a few medicines for thim.

Yun Pianpian took the prescription and went to the medicine hall to pay for the consultation and medicine.

After that Yun Pianpian happily rushed into the market.

She looked like a fish swimming into the waters, extremely happy.

Xiao Changyuan frowned, carrying the medicine bag, he followed closely behind Yun Pianpian.

Yun Pian Pian wants to buy clothes one and another.

The clothes sold in the county town are better-looking than those sold in the town market, although more expensive Yun Pian Pian thinks that she's now a rich woman with astronomical figures and has a lot of money to spend so she bought a lot of them unknowingly.

Clothes, jewelry, supplements, bedding, toiletries, mirrors, makeup boxes, shoes and socks...

Xiao Changyuan's body gradually piled up into a mountain, all the things he was carrying were all bought by Yun Pianpian.

He frowned slightly, a little unhappy.

    "...Wife, let's go back."

Yun Pian Pian immediately refused, "No, it's a rare trip to the county town, I must buy it all!"

Now is Yun Pian Pian's shopping spree, how can she stop.

Xiao Changyuan had no choice but to reluctantly continue to accompany her to shop, until his hands and neck were all covered with things and there's nowhere to store more...

Yun Pianpian had to give up and reluctantly end her shopping trip in the county

"Ah, if my husband is like Nezha, with three heads and six arms, it would be great because he could help me get more things..." Yun Pianpian sighed, "This way I can shop a little longer and buy alot more...

Xiao Changyuan said with a cold and handsome face, "Should I be glad that "Nezha is not your husband'"

Yun Pianpian heard the irony in Xiao Changyuan's words and noticed that he seemed a little angry, she immediately turned around and sweetly coaxed him and said, "My husband is naturally the best.

Even if he doesn't have three heads and six arms, he is my favorite husband."

Xiao Changyuan turned his face aside and said nothing, but his white ears turned red quietly

    ...his ears are really sensitive.


Yun Pian Pian stared at his ear intently feeling that her trick succeeded.

The great tyrant's ears are incredibly sensitive.

She really wanted to grab a bite...

There was a vendor selling candied haws on the side of the road, Yun Pianpian bought two strings of candied haws to reward Xiao Changyuan who worked so hard to accompany her shopping.

"The candied haws in the city are actually sold for five wen each, which is more expensive compared to the town.

The boss is really black!"

Yun Pianpian complained as she handed the candied haws in her hand to Xiao Changyuan's mouth, forcing him to take a bite.

Xiao Changyuan's hands were full of things, so she naturally had feed him.

He frowned and took a bite of the candied haws.

The sweetness in his mouth made him feel much worse than death.

He really couldn't understand how his wife thought that something so sweet and greasy was rewarding for him...

It was a torture instead..

After eating two, he didn't want to eat anymore so Yun Pianpian happily ate all the remaining candied haws.

After Yun Pian Pian finished eating, she also bought some corn cakes, cloud cakes and hibiscus cakes on the way, as snacks to eat at home.

They waited for Xie Yu to the place where they made an appointment and after he arrived, Xie Yu to helped them put the things she bought into the ox cart.

Xie Yu drove the ox cart and took them back to Jiangjia Village.

Yun Pian Pian sent a lot of cloud cakes to him.

After Xie Yu left, Yun Pianpian put the things they bought where they should be and went into the kitchen with Xiao Changyuan and started to cook dinner.

Xiao Changyuan lit the fire, cooked noodles and quickly made a pot of shredded vegetables and pork noodles.

With the pickles, Yun Pian Pian was very satisfied.

After dinner, Yun Pianpian began to take out the small box and count how much money she had left.

As a result, the more she counts, the more her heart becomes colder and whiter.

She actually only had more than three hundred taels left...

Yun Pian Pian's face collapsed, how did she spend all this money, how could she not have any impression of it

She began to count the things she bought and checked their prices.

The result was more and more shocking and her face paled even more.

She actually spent all this money herself!

In just one day, she actually spent more than one hundred taels of silver!

"Oh my god, why am I so prodigal!"

Yun Pianpian was so sad that she sobbed and rolled around the bed with the silver notes in her arms

"Oh my god, I'm going to run out of money! I'm going to eat dirt!"

Xiao Changyuan watched Yun Pian Pian go crazy with a blank expression.

He was used to the way his wife turned things upside down from time to time.

Yun Pian Pian suddenly looked up, her apricot eyes were misty as she looked at him eagerly.

Xiao Changyuan thought that she was going to learn from her mistakes and decided to change to become a good wife and mother, that he would manage the family diligently and frugally.

But she cried and said: "Husband, you have to work hard to make money, you soon will be unable to support your wife.."

Xiao Changyuan frowned slightly:

"This is the conclusion you get after rolling over and over on the bed for almost an hour"

He really shouldn't have expectations for his wife, she didn't have the word reflection in her mind at all.

Yun Pian Pian was stunned for a moment, the mist in her eyes hadn't dissipated, she was a little confused.

"Then what conclusion should I draw

"Haven't you thought about saving up money in the future "

Xiao Changyuan doesn't like to go shopping with Yun Pian Pian, he hates crowds.

To be precise, he hates everyone except Yun Pian Pian.

Hearing this, Yun Pian Pian couldn't help but burst into tears: "Do you think I don't want to But I can't control my hands..."

She looked at Xiao Changyuan with tears in her eyes: "I can't control myself, so I can only control my husband..."

Xiao Changyuan was blocked by Yun Pianpian's words.

For a while, he didn't know whether to praise his wife for being self-aware, or to scold his wife for being mentally ill.

    ...that's all.

    This is his wife.

She is a lady who he had worshipped heaven and earth in the Temple of the Goddess of the Mountain.

Although he did not understand how he lost his mind and married such a stupid, timid, wasteful and lazy woman

But he will definitely take responsibility for her untill he end.

Xiao Changyuan raised his cold and pitch-black ink eyes and looked at Yun Pianpian helplessly.

"Wife, don't worry, I won't let you eat dirt."


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